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chapter 5: how I spent my summer vacation July 13, 2009

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So, as promised, here are some photographic offerings to the numerous readers.  All of these photos are copyright to Traci J. Brooks and property of the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts.  Do not steal them.  I and all the wolves will kill you.

Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson

This is my favorite musician of all times, a gentleman named Matt Nathanson.  My portfolio already contains several shots of him, but when I found out he would be playing Wolf Trap this summer, of course I couldn’t pass up another chance to shoot him.  It’s funny how easy it was to shoot him – I’ve seen him about 8 times in concert and photographed him about half of those times, so I have a pretty good guess at when/how/where he’ll move.  No, I’m not a stalker.


Wang Chung

Wang Chung, masters of the 80s.  This shot was taken from the upper balcony, featuring some really awesome lighting design.  So pretty!



What a fantastic band!  These guys, aka DeVotchKa, opened for David Byrne, of Talking Heads, earlier this season.  They featured a female on bass – and by bass, I mean upright bass.  She also played the tuba, which was pretty fantastic.

The Filene Center

The Filene Center

I have a list of shots to get over the course of the summer, and architecture is one of them.  The Filene Center is an iconic building, with very striking architecture that is immediately recognizable to anyone that has ever been there.  I took this picture after a rain storm during the Indigo Girls – the sky turned this beautiful purpley blue that I thought was gorgeous against the lit Filene Center.

The crowd at Wolf Trap

The crowd at Wolf Trap

The Wolf Trap Experience is something we’re always trying to capture in our photography.  This is a good shot because it shows both the architecture of the Filene Center, but also the picnicers, a huge part of Wolf Trap.

Interns at work

Interns at work

Part of my job is also to capture what it’s like behind the scenes at Wolf Trap.  These are the Education interns, working on the newsletter.  Here’s a secret – this picture was entirely staged.  I stood on a chair above them and told them to point at the paper, use the pen, etc., to get an interesting shot.

Romance In the Air

Romance In the Air

What a cute couple.  Before the shows, I often lurk up on the balcony overlooking the lawn to get candids like these.  It’s pretty crazy the things people do when they think no one is watching them… little do they know, there’s a short Asian creeping with a telephoto lens getting their every move!  But sometimes, the people are observant – the frame after this one has the gentleman giving me the “hang loose” sign.  Guess I’m not as sneaky as I thought!

So there you have a look into what sort of assignments I get as the photography intern here.  I really love the variety – and it definitely has made me a better photographer, having to deal with many different lighting situations and scenarios.

Next up: What I do when I’m not shooting, i.e., how to edit a photo!


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